Do you know the five Gynecologic Cancers

Do You Know The Five Gynecologic Cancers?

Do you know the five Gynecologic Cancers?

All Gynecologic Cancers

1. Ovarian Cancer
2. Uterine/Endometrial Cancer
3. Cervical Cancer
4. Vulvar Cancer
5. Vaginal Cancer

The foundation for women’s cancer wants women to:

LEARN the symptoms.
LISTEN to your bodies.
ACT by seeking care from a gynecological oncologist if you suspect or have been diagnosed with a GYN cancer.

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Gynecologic cancer is an uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells that originate from the reproductive organs. There are several types of gynecologic cancers which include cervical, gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD), primary peritoneal, ovarian, uterine/endometrial, vaginal and vulvar cancers.


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September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month Call Dr. Jones for an appointment

September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month.

Come in for your annual exam in the month of September and be entered into a drawing for this beautiful fall arrangement.

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Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

Gynecologic Cancers: Signs and Symptoms

Pay attention to your body know what is normal for you. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please call our office and schedule an appointment.

Ovarian Cancer

Loss of appetite or feeling full quickly

Gas, indigestion, bloating, and nausea

Frequent urination

Pelvic pain or pressure

Uterine Cancer

Postmenopausal bleeding

Irregular bleeding between menstrual cycles

Heavier and/or longer menstrual bleeding than normal

Pelvic pain

Vulvar Cancer

Constant itching and burning of the vulva

Change in skin color of the vulva or skin irritation, such as rash, sores, or warts

Vaginal Cancer

Postmenopausal bleeding

Pain or bleeding during intercourse

Pelvic pain or constipation

Vaginal mass

Cervical Cancer

Vaginal bleeding not related to your menstrual period
Postmenopausal bleeding

pain or bleeding during intercourse

Significant watery or foul-smelling discharge