Family Planning

Family Planning/Pregnancy and Birth

We can help with birth control and family planning decisions as well as provide complete care through pregnancy and beyond.

If you are in the family planning stages you probably have several questions and concerns you would like to discuss with a doctor.

family-planning-dr-ej-jones-batesville-arkansasBefore becoming pregnant, you need to consider your health and make sure your baby will have a healthy environment.

  • Start an exercise routine that you can continue throughout your pregnancy and beyond. *Consult with your doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen.
  • Make healthy choices when planning a meal.
  • Have an annual exam with your OB/GYN and make sure you are up to date on your immunizations.
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins when you consider getting pregnant.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, limit your caffeine intake.
  • Make sure your medications including any herbal medications you are taking is safe during pregnancy.
  • Get plenty of sleep.

What Happens at a Preconception Doctor's Appointment?

A preconception appointment is a perfect time to ask the doctor all the things that are on your mind -- whether it's your diet, prenatal vitamins, or any health concerns that run in your family.

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